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How The Program Works

Personalized Spending & Savings Plan with Accountability Program

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Financial Consultation Intake

An intake of your current financial situation. One hour long call to review your income, assets, debts, investments, and goals

Personalized Budget Presentation

1-2 weeks after your intake session Randi will review the information and present a plan on how to spend, save, pay down debt, and invest your money

Check-In Calls

When you first start working with Randi (typically the first quarter) you will have bi-weekly calls to stay accountable to your new budget. Eventually clients will graduate to monthly check-in calls.  

Quarter Review

Every 3 months we will sit for 45 minutes to review your previous quarter and plan for the next quarter. We'll discuss what worked for you, what needs to be adjusted, review your goals, and discuss your next set of actionable steps.

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