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Candy Cotton

Meet Randi

Randi DeGraw's Family Photo on the Beach

My financial journey began in 2011 when my husband and I got engaged. We were combining finances for the first time, started planning our wedding, and got into a bit of debt. I decided to take control of the situation, and with the help of my husband, we got out of our paycheck-to-paycheck life. In about 3 years, we paid off about $30,000 of debt and saved for the downpayment on our first home. Once I figured out how liberating it was to have this control over our money, I knew that I wanted to help other people feel the same way.

I am married to an incredible man, Anthony, and have two really cool kids, JJ (8) and Harper (6). I am a CrossFit enthusiast with a love for good food and wine. We live on the Jersey Shore, where we enjoy going to the beach, cruising on our boat, and going to our local brewery with friends.

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