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J Hartman, MA

Randi was so great to work with. She was always kind and our biggest cheerleader. It gave us a lot of confidence to be able to look through all of our finances and maximize on our investments and our earnings. We have a very clear idea of what to do so we can enjoy the life we have.

Jamie M., NY

Randi is a rock star. She saw us as a couple. She was so steady and patient with us even as our income changed every other week, it seemed! (We are both self-employed). Randi was calm, kind and encouraging despite our sometimes anxious and disorganized presentations! We love Randi and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn and to improve their money habits. Thank you, Randi!

Cassandra D., NJ

Randi became my financial best friend. I overcame hurdles and learned vital financial tips that I needed in order to move through life successfully personally and professionally. In my 30's, it was sad how much I didn't know and I was able to break through so many bad habits and she made me feel like an adult with true knowledge. Her words, kindness, and support was something I needed- she knew things no one else in my life knew and I appreciate Randi so much!

Maggie H., NY

Randi is incredible! My spouse and I have been seeing her for about a year and we've never felt more tuned in and confident about our finances. She's incredibly knowledgeable and also does an excellent job of making daunting concepts easy to understand. Randi has helped us with strategizing for saving and investing, making a monthly budget, and managing student loans.

Jim R., NY

Randi is great! She's super helpful in guiding my wife and me through our financial goals. Most importantly, Randi provides great perspective when we get discouraged and tons of encouragement when things are going well. Would highly recommend working with her!

Dana C., MO

Randi has been coaching both myself (loves all things money) and husband (would rather talk about anything else) for over two years now. She has the ability to meet you exactly where you are in your journey without judgment, and help you design a plan forward that is lofty, without being overwhelming. She really excels helping couples with different money styles/comfort levels find a path forward together. No matter what your financial goal is, she’s got your back!


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